Learn how to configure DeCommerce for use with Filebase.

What is DeCommerce?

DeCommerce is a decentralized eCommerce platform that is designed to be hosted on IPFS, accept crypto payments, and be accessed using NFT domains like Unstoppable Domains.

Read below to learn how to use DeCommerce with Filebase.


1. Once you’ve downloaded the DeCommerce ZIP file, open the config.js file in your IDE of choice.

2. First, set the emailAccessKey value. To get this value, navigate to and enter your email address:

Then select ‘Create Access Key’. Your access key will be sent to the email you provided. Then place this value in line 11:

var emailAccessKey = "c3c0f26e-369c-4a84-9368-cfb04234b485";

3. Next, select your store’s currency by setting the value selectedCurrency in line 25.

DeCommerce supports XMR, BTC, ETH, USDT, and USD currencies.

var selectedCurrency = "ETH";

4. To receive payments, you will need to set the receiving address value that corresponds to your payment method.

For example, if you selected BITC, then set the bitcoinAddress value. If you selected ETH, set the ethereumAddress value.

var ethereumAddress = "0x8E74eda2453d206628Ca10b51E660F70298705Ce";

5. Save your config.js file.

6. Navigate to the Filebase web console and log in to your account.

Select ‘Buckets’ from the left sidebar navigation menu, then select ‘Create Bucket’ in the top right corner.

7. Give your bucket a name, then select the ‘IPFS’ network.

8. Select ‘Upload’, then select ‘Folder’.

9. Select the folder containing the DeCommerce files.

10. Once uploaded, copy the IPFS CID of your folder:

11. Navigate to the following webpage to view your DeCommerce site, replacing CID with your folder’s IPFS CID:[CID]

12. By default, your website will look like this:

13. To customize your website, you can edit the files in the html folder, such as the CSS styling, and HTML content.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at

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