Sharing an IPFS File

Sharing An IPFS File Using Filebase

With IPFS, file sharing is made extremely easy, since all files uploaded to IPFS are publicly accessible through their CID value. As long as the file is pinned through an IPFS pinning service like Filebase, it’ll be accessible for long-term file sharing.

Start by signing up for a Filebase account, then logging into the Filebase dashboard.

Click on the ‘Buckets’ option from the menu to open the Buckets dashboard.

Select your IPFS Bucket. Need to make an IPFS bucket? Check out how to here.

After clicking on the bucket name, select 'Upload' in the top right corner. You will have three options:

  • File: File is for uploading an individual file to IPFS. This can be an image, video, audio, text, or any other file type.

  • Folder: Folder is for uploading a folder containing multiple files, such as an NFT collection, or the files for a static website.

  • CID: CID stands for content identifier, and is for re-pinning an existing IPFS CID that you may have from another pinning provider or a local IPFS node.

To upload a single file, choose 'File', then when prompted select the file you want to upload to IPFS.

Once uploaded, confirm that that status reads 'pinned'.

Click on the file name to view the file’s details.

From this screen, you’ll see two different URLs listed for your file: its Filebase Object URL and its IPFS Gateway URL.

The Object URL can only be used to share the file if the file is within a public bucket. Otherwise, this URL will return an ‘Access Denied’ error message.

The IPFS Gateway URL can be used to share the file using its IPFS CID and the Filebase Public IPFS Gateway. This URL can be accessed by anyone in the world, regardless if the bucket is public or private.

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