Learn how to configure Cloudron for use with Filebase.

What is Cloudron?

Cloudron is a server management tool that provides an easy way to install and manage web apps on your web server. Cloudron includes automation features such as database management and configuration, DNS setup, and even certificate management. Cloudron includes S3-compatible backup support, where each Cloudron app gets individually backed up for easy transfer between Cloudron servers and easy restoration of previous app backups.

Read below to learn how to use Cloudron with Filebase.


1. Login to your Cloudron Admin Dashboard:

2. In the top right corner, select your account name to open the drop down menu, then select ‘Backups’.

3. Select ‘Configure’ from the backups page to set up the backup configuration.

4. Select ‘S3 API Compatible (v4)’ from the drop down menu for storage type.

5. Configure the following settings for use with Filebase:

  • Bucket Name: Filebase Bucket Name

  • Access Key ID: Filebase Access Key

  • Secret Access Key: Filebase Secret Access Key

Select ‘Save’ to save this configuration.

6. From the Backups screen, select ‘Backup Now’.

7. You can monitor the backup progress from this screen once the backup job is running.

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