Learn how to use ForkLift with Filebase.

What is ForkLift?

ForkLift is a file transfer and management client for macOS X. ForkLift allows cloud storage to be mounted as a local drive for easy file transfer and management on your local system.
Read below to learn how to configure ForkLift for use with Filebase.


  • Sign up for a free Filebase account.
  • Have your Filebase Access and Secret Keys. Learn how to view your access keys here.
  • Create a Filebase Bucket. Learn how to create a bucket here.

1. Open ForkLift.

From the Connect window, select ‘Protocol’ then select ‘Amazon S3’ from the dropdown menu.

2. Enter the following configuration information:

  • Protocol: Amazon S3
  • Server:
  • Username: Filebase Access Key
  • Password: Filebase Secret Key
  • Port: 443

3. Select ‘Connect’ to connect to Filebase.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at [email protected]
Last modified 1yr ago