Learn how to configure Nexfs for use with Filebase.

What is Nexfs?

Nexfs is a storage software that unites block, file, cloud and object storage technologies under one tool. Nexfs uses a three-tier architecture to combine hot, warm, and cold data under a single Nexfs server. This design allows workloads such as virtual machines and applications to be mixed in with everyday text and image files and cohesively consume object storage. The third tier in this architecture is compatible with AWS S3 services, and can be configured for use with Filebase.

Read below to learn how to use Nexfs with Filebase.


1. After installing Nexfs.server and Nexfscli, initiate Nexfscli to generate the default configuration files:

nexfscli -init

2. Nexfs has a native integration with Filebase. Load the default configuration for Filebase:

nexfscli configfile set defaults filebase

The default configuration for Filebase is as follows:







T3S3PORT 443



T3S3RETRY404 0 ​

3. Then set the configuration settings to reflect your Filebase account and bucket:

nexfscli configfile set T3S3BUCKET filebase-bucket

nexfscli configfile set T3AWSAccessKeyId filebase-access-key

nexfscli configfile set T3AWSSecretAccessKey filebase-secret-key

Replace the following values to resemble your configuration:

  • Filebase-Bucket: Filebase Bucket Name

  • Filebase-Access-Key: Filebase Access Key

  • Filebase-Secret-Key: Filebase Secret Key

4. Enable Tier 3 storage:

nexfscli configfile set T3DDIRENABLED 1

5. Configure the local filesystem where Nexfs will store its file structure information.

This example uses the directory /nexfs/filebase.

nexfscli configfile set T1SDIR /nexfs/filebase

6. Next, configure a location for Nexfs to store Tier 1 data.

This example uses the directory /nexfs/t1.

nexfscli configfile set T1DDIR /nexfs/t1

7. Then, run the following command to set up the Nexfs datastores:

nexfscli setupdatastores

8. Confirm that you have read and agree to the Nexfs Terms and Conditions:

nexfscli configfile set TERMSANDCONDITIONSACCEPTED 1

9. Create a mount point for the Nexfs.server to mount to:

mkdir /mnt/nexfs

10. Start the Nexfs.server that will be mounted to /mnt/nexfs:

nexfscli server start

11. Confirm the server is running and status is OK with the command:

nextfscli server status

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at

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