Learn how to configure CentreStack for use with Filebase.

What is CentreStack?

CentreStack is a file server client that enables secure file sharing for data servers and home computers. You can easily access your data stored in multiple locations, such as a variety of cloud services, including S3-compatible cloud services such as Filebase.

Read below to learn how to use CentreStack with Filebase.


1. Login to your CentreStack server cluster management console.

2. From the dashboard, select ‘Add a Team Folder’.

3. Select ‘Cloud Storage’ for the Storage Location.

4. Select ‘Amazon S3 Compatible’ for the type of cloud storage.

5. Enter ‘Filebase’ for the team folder name.

6. Configure the following settings to connect to your Filebase account:

  • Access Key ID: Filebase Access Key

  • Secret Access Key: Filebase Secret Key

  • Select ‘This service does not support Bucket DNS’

  • Do not select ‘Only compatible with AWS SDK 1.3.14 or earlier

  • Select ‘Enable Inplace Versioning’

7. Select your desired Filebase bucket, and folder inside your bucket (if applicable):

8. Select Finish. Filebase will now be listed as a Team Folder.

9. To view the contents of this folder, select the folder icon in the top left corner titled ‘My Files’:

10. Select ‘Filebase’.

11. The contents of your Filebase bucket and folder (if applicable) will be listed.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at hello@filebase.com

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