Learn how to configure MoSMB for use with Filebase.

What is MoSMB?

MoSMB is an SMB2/SMB3 user server stack designed to run and manage workloads such as enterprise file servers, SQL servers, and Microsoft Hypervisor workloads. MoSMB can also be used for cluster file systems, Hadoop and big data workflows, and HPC management. MoSMB is available for Windows, macOS X, and Linux systems.

Read below to learn how to use MoSMB with Filebase.


1. Navigate to the /etc/mosmb/ folder and edit the s3.conf file to resemble the following:

Path = /opt/filebase
Endpoint =
Region = us-east-1
Multipart Size = 125M
HTTP Scheme = https
Verify SSL = yes
Async Threads = 16
Throttle Bandwidth = yes
Write Bandwidth = 5mbps
Read Bandwidth = 5mbps

Replace the following configuration items:

  • filebase-bucket-name: Your Filebase Bucket Name

  • FILEBASE_ACCESS_KEY: Your Filebase Access Key

  • FILEBASE_SECRET_KEY: Your Filebase Secret Key

2. Next, open the /etc/mosmb/mosmb.conf file and create a corresponding share to your S3 configuration:

Path = /opt/filebase
Is CA = yes
Share Encrypt = no
ACL = none
File Creation Mask  = 0644
Directory Creation Mask = 0755
Metadata Store = none
Plugin = /usr/local/lib/mosmb/

3. Restart the MoSMB service using the following command:

service mosmb restart

All data written to the SMB share will get uploaded to the configured Filebase bucket.

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