Learn how to configure Commvault for use with Filebase.

What is Commvault?

Commvault is a backup and recovery solution for virtual machines, files, containers, and databases that features enterprise level data protection and recovery.

Read below to learn how to configure Commvault for use with Filebase.


This guide was tested using Windows Server 2019.

1. Log into the Commvault Command Center web interface admin console.

2. From the left side menu bar, select ‘Storage’, then ‘Cloud’.

3. Select ‘Add’ in the top right corner.

4. Select ‘Cloud Storage’.

5. Configure the following information to connect Commvault to your Filebase account:

Name: Filebase

Type: S3 Compatible Storage

Media Agent: Your Commvault Agent Name

Service Host:

Bucket: Your Filebase Bucket Name

Credentials: Your Filebase Access and Secret Key Credentials. To add these, select the plus sign icon.

Then configure the following information:

6. Select ‘Save’ to save this configuration.

You will now see Filebase listed under ‘Cloud’. The status should be listed as ‘Online’.

7. Select ‘Manage’, then ‘Plans’ on the left side bar menu.

8. Select ‘Create plan’ in the top right corner, then ‘Server backup’.

9. Give the backup plan a name, then select ‘Add’ under ‘Backup Destination’ to add your Filebase configuration as the backup destination.

10. Select your Filebase configuration as the storage location and configure the backup retention period for your desired retention time.

Select ‘Save’ when finished.

11. Finish configuring your backup plan with your desired settings including backup frequency, backup window, and backup content.

Select ‘Save’ when finished.

12. Select ‘Protect’ on the left side bar menu, then select the type of content to back up.

In this guide, we will backup a file server.

13. Under the ‘Actions’ column, select the ellipses button to open the actions menu, then select ‘Manage Plan’.

14. In the Edit Plan window, select the Filebase backup plan you created previously.

Then select ‘Save’.

15. To run a backup of the server’s file system using this backup plan, select the ellipses button to open the actions menu again, then select ‘Back up’.

16. Select the backup level type.

This guide will use a full backup. Then select ‘Save’.

17. Your backup job will be submitted.

Monitor it for completion using the jobs menu, or by clicking the hyperlink to ‘View job details’ within the job submission notification.

18. When the job has completed, you will see the backup reflected in your Filebase bucket.

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