Learn how to configure Duplicacy for use with Filebase.

What is Duplicacy?

Duplicacy is a web-based GUI client for Windows, macOS X and Linux that offers the ability to backup your files to a variety of cloud storages with client-side encryption and deduplication options.

Read below to learn how to use Duplicacy with Filebase.


1. Login to the Duplicacy web admin dashboard.

From the left side bar menu, select ‘Storage’.

2. In the Storage Configuration window, select the ‘S3’ tab.

Enter the following configuration details to connect to your Filebase account:

  • Service Provider: Amazon (or compatible)

  • Endpoint: s3.filebase.com

  • Region: us-east-1

  • Access ID: Filebase Access Key

  • Access Key: Filebase Secret Key

  • Bucket: Filebase Bucket

  • Directory: Folder inside Filebase Bucket (optional)

3. Give your storage configuration a name and a password.

This password is unique to your Duplicacy account.

Enable RSA encryption if desired. Enabling erasure coding is not necessary, as Filebase already uses erasure coding for all data stored in Filebase buckets. Read more about Filebase’s erasure coding here.

4. Filebase will now be listed as a storage location.

5. To backup data to Filebase, select ‘Backup’ on the left side bar menu.

Then select the plus sign next to the computer or workstation you have connected to Duplicacy that you would like to backup to Filebase.

6. To add a new backup job, select the drive you’d like to backup, select Filebase as the location, then provide a name for your backup job.

7. Select Save. The backup job will begin to run automatically.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at hello@filebase.com

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