Photos+ Cloud Library

Learn how to configure Photos+ Cloud Library for use with Filebase.

What is Photos+ Cloud Library?

Photos+ Cloud Library is a photo backup app for iOS and Android mobile devices. Photos+ Cloud Library allows for easy, seamless backup to a variety of cloud storage locations, including Filebase.

Read below to learn how to use Photos+ Cloud Library with Filebase.


1. Launch the Photos+ Cloud Library app. Select the three dots in the top right corner of the ‘Library’ tab.

2. Select ‘Add Album’.

3. Give your album a name.

4. Once you have created your album, select it from the library tab.

5. Select the plus sign icon from the top right to add photos to this new album.

6. Select your desired photos to be uploaded to the Photos+ cloud library:

7. Next, navigate to the app’s configuration settings by choosing the profile option in the bottom right corner.

8. Select ‘Settings’ in the top right corner.

9. Select ‘Configure’ under ‘Cloud Storage Configuration’:

10. Select ‘S3 Storage’, then enter the following configuration details:

  • Endpoint:

  • Access Key: Filebase Access Key

  • Secret: Filebase Secret Access Key

11. Once connected, select the bucket you’d like to store your photos.

Note: This bucket must be empty to be used with Photos+ Cloud Library.

12. Confirm the bucket when prompted:

13. Once you’ve saved your cloud storage configuration, select the ‘Synchronize’ tab from the bottom of the application.

Click the ‘Start’ button to sync your photo album to your Filebase bucket.

14. Once the sync is completed, you will see your photos in your Filebase bucket.

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