Cosmos: Storing Cosmos Chain Governance Metadata on IPFS

Learn how to store Cosmos Chain Governance Metadata files on IPFS.

What is Cosmos?

Cosmos is a blockchain ecosystem of multiple interoperable blockchain networks that can be used to build and develop application-specific blockchain networks and applications. One important part of building a Cosmos blockchain is chain governance. On Cosmos, chain governance data is advised to be stored on IPFS.

Read below to learn how to store Cosmos Chain Governance Metadata files on IPFS.


1. To store metadata files for Cosmos chain governance, you use a .json metadata file in a format resembling the following:

"title": "Cosmos Chain Governance",
"authors": "Your Name",
"summary": "Governance for a chain within the Cosmos Ecosystem.",
"details": "",
"proposalForumURL": "",
"voteOptionContext": "",

2. Save this file as metadata.json.

3. You can upload this file to IPFS on Filebase in a variety of different manners. First, let’s use the Web Console Dashboard.

4. Start by clicking on the ‘Buckets’ option from the menu to open the Buckets dashboard.

5. Select your IPFS Bucket.

6. After clicking on the bucket name, you will see any previously uploaded files. To upload another file, select 'Upload', then select 'File' from the options.

7. Select your metadata.json file.

8. Once uploaded, you can view the file’s IPFS CID under the ‘CID’ column.

This CID value can be used to reference this file in smart contracts, applications, or share the file with others.

9. You can also the AWS CLI for uploading files to IPFS on Filebase.

The following command can be used to upload the file to an IPFS bucket:

aws --endpoint s3 cp metadata.json s3://ipfs-bucket --debug

The CID will be returned in the x-amz-meta-cid header.

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