Release Notes

Release notes track incremental improvements and major releases for the Filebase platform.

December 2022

December 13

  • Added Beta support for dedicated IPFS gateways.

March 2022

March 1

  • Added support for the IPFS network.

August 2021

August 13

  • Added 'empty bucket' functionality in web dashboard allowing users to empty entire buckets from the web console.

June 2021

June 4

  • Added new drag and drop feature to the web dashboard.

June 23

  • Added Object Map image to the object details page for all objects stored in Storj buckets.

May 2021

May 27

  • New web dashboard interface released.

April 2021

April 15

  • Added support for the Skynet network.

December 2020

December 17

  • Added support for the Storj network.

December 5

  • Deployment of new server infrastructure and network backbone.

August 2020

August 19

  • Added pagination in web console for bucket object listings.

July 2020

July 9

  • Support for user-defined metadata and Cache-Control headers added.

May 2020

May 29

  • Support for Bucket CORS Configuration added. The following APIs are now supported:

    • GetBucketCors

    • PutBucketCors

    • DeleteBucketCors

May 25

  • Improvements made to the CopyObject API.

May 21

  • Network improvements deployed, significantly increasing network performance.

December 2019

December 29

  • Added support for creating Public buckets.

  • Added support for Access Control Lists.

  • Added object details page for objects.

  • Added object sharing functionality.

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