Learn how to use Goofys with Filebase.

What is Goofys?

Goofys is a Linux utility program that enables users to mount S3-compatible buckets to their Linux file system via FUSE.
Read below to learn how to use Goofys with Filebase.


This guide was written using Ubuntu 20.04. Commands may vary depending on your operating system.

1. Install Goofys with the following commands:

  • Make directory for Goofys repo to be pulled to:
mkdir -p /home/filebase/go/src/
  • Clone Goofys repo
cd /home/filebase/go/src/
git clone <>
  • Set environment variables:
export GOPATH=/home/filebase/go
export GOOFYS_HOME=/home/filebase/go/src/
  • Populate submodule repos:
cd /home/filebase/go/src/
git submodule init
git submodule update
  • Install Goofys
go install
  • Export Path and check Goofys version to confirm successful installation:
PATH=$PATH:/home/filebase/go/bin; export PATH
goofys --version

2. Create a directory to mount your Filebase bucket to.

mkdir /home/filebase/mnt/goofys

3. Mount your Filebase bucket with the following command:

$GOPATH/bin/goofys --endpoint <> filebase-sample-bucket /home/filebase/mnt/goofys
Once mounted, you can access the bucket and its contents like any other directory on the filesystem.
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