Learn how to configure Airbyte for use with Filebase.

What is Airbyte?

Airbyte is an ELT platform that can be used for integrating data by extracting raw data from over 300 sources and transferring it to target systems such as data lakes. Airbyte offers a free connector program for its cloud storage connectors. Airbyte supports S3-compatible storage solutions such as Filebase.

Read below to learn how to use Airbyte with Filebase.


1. Login to the Airbyte dashboard. Select ‘Create your first connection’.

2. This example will use a Filebase bucket for the connector source and a Google Sheets spreadsheet as the destination.

The Filebase configuration shown in this example can be used for either the source or destination to fit your workflow.

In the search bar, search for ‘S3’, then select the S3 option.

3. Configure your Filebase connection with the following parameters:

  • Source Type: S3

  • Source Name: Filebase

  • Output Stream Name: Filebase

  • Pattern of Files to Replicate: **

  • Bucket: Your Filebase Bucket Name

  • AWS Access Key ID: Filebase Access Key

  • AWS Secret Access Key: Filebase Secret Access Key

4. Configure the file format that you’d like to replicate.

By default, it is a CSV file.

5. At the bottom of the configuration, test the source to confirm your configuration is correct.

Once tested, select ‘Set up source’.

6. Next, set up the destination source.

As mentioned previously, Filebase can be configured to be the source or the destination for this configuration. This example uses the destination of a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Search for your desired destination, enter the necessary configuration details, then select ‘Set up destination’.

7. Confirm that the configuration settings are correct for your intended use-case and confirm that the data synchronization frequency is the desired value.

8. Then activate the data stream to begin the sync.

9. The data sync will begin.

The status can be seen in the ‘Sync History’ section.

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