Learn how to configure S3Surfer for use with Filebase.

What is S3Surfer?

S3Surfer is CLI tool developed for browsing and interacting with object storage buckets that use an S3-compatible API. S3Surfer can be used with Filebase.

Read below to learn how to use S3Surfer with Filebase.


1. To configure S3Surfer for use with Filebase, you will need an AWS credentials file.

If you have installed and configured AWS CLI for Filebase, this file is already configured. If you do not have AWS CLI configured, create a new file ~/.aws/credentials that contains the following content:


2. Then, run the following command to set the environment variable to use this profile:

env AWS_PROFILE='default'

3. Next, navigate to the directory containing the S3Surfer executable binary you downloaded.

Run the following command to view the contents of one of your Filebase buckets. Replace BUCKET_NAME with your Filebase bucket name.

./s3surfer --endpoint-url https://s3.filebase.com -b filebase-bucket-sample

4. The following GUI will appear, which lists the contents of your bucket. Use the arrow keys to navigate the bucket’s contents:

5. Use the ‘Enter’ key to select a file to download. Additional keyboard shortcuts are listed at the bottom of the GUI.

6. Use the ‘Enter’ key to select ‘Ok’, or use the arrow key to select ‘Cancel’.

Additional keyboard shortcuts are listed at the bottom of the GUI. Once downloaded, the GUI will confirm the file has been downloaded to your local computer.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at hello@filebase.com

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