Learn how to configure Comet Backup for use with Filebase.

What is Comet?

Comet Backup is a flexible and secure backup provider that Filebase has partnered with to enable a cost-effective, all-in-one platform with a flexible architecture that allows you to manage data backups with S3-compatibility, unlimited object storage and fast recovery.


1. Start by navigating on the Comet client to the Account tab, select + Add Storage Vault and click Custom.

Create a name and in the Storage tab, click the + button

Select Filebase option and click the OK button

2. Enter the Filebase Access key, Secret key and Bucket.

You can test the connectivity to Filebase by clicking the Test Connection button.

Configuration Information




Access key


The key for your Filebase Cloud Storage account

Secret key


The secret for your Filebase Cloud Storage account



The globally unique name of the storage bucket



A prefix to add to all stored blobs. This may be useful to isolate Comet's data within the bucket if the bucket is being shared with another application.

Simultaneous connections

Comet makes up to 10 network connections to the Filebase Cloud Storage server.

If multiple operations are running simultaneously to a Filebase Cloud Storage Storage Vault in Comet Backup, the number of network connections may be higher.

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