Learn how to backup data to Filebase using CyberDuck.

What is CyberDuck?

CyberDuck is a free cloud storage browser for Windows and macOS X that supports Filebase, FTP, SFTP, and other cloud storage services.


1. To set up CyberDuck, start by downloading the preconfigured Filebase Profile for CyberDuck.

2. Open the Filebase Profile for CyberDuck. You will see the following window:

The server name and URL are preconfigured. You will need to provide your Filebase S3 API Access Key and S3 Secret Key, found in the Filebase web console under Access Keys.

3. After entering your credentials, close the profile window and open the CyberDuck browser. You should see your Filebase connection.

4. Double click on the connection to connect. You should then see a window appear that lists your existing Filebase buckets.

5. Double click a bucket to open the contents of the bucket.

6. From this window, you can click and drag files and folders from other windows to be uploaded to your Filebase bucket.

7. You can monitor the upload progress through the CyberDuck Transfer window.

8. You can confirm that the files are reflected in your Filebase bucket through the Filebase web console.

Learn how to delete buckets and objects using CyberDuck by reading our guide:

pageHow To Delete Data with CyberDuck

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