Learn how to configure NetDrive for use with Filebase.

What is NetDrive?

NetDrive is a file management client for Windows, macOS X, Android, and iOS operating systems that allows you to access your cloud storage as a locally mounted drive on your device.

Read below to learn how to use NetDrive with Filebase.


1. Launch the NetDrive application.

Login with your NetDrive account.

2. Select the green plus sign to get started.

3. Under ‘Storage Type’ select ‘S3’ from the drop down menu, then select ‘Connect’.

4. Enter the following configuration information:

Select ‘Ok’ to save these settings.

5. Then under ‘Remote Path’, select ‘Browse’.

6. Select one of your Filebase buckets to mount as a local drive.

7. Configure mounting options such as local drive or network drive, mount on boot automation, and other options based on your desired configuration.

8. Once you’ve configured these settings, select ‘Ok’ to save them. Filebase will be listed on your NetDrive dashboard.

By default, the status will be ‘Not Connected’. Select ‘Connect’ to connect to your Filebase configuration.

9. Then select ‘Browse’ to browse the files located in your Filebase bucket.

10. A new window will appear that displays the files located in your Filebase bucket.

Click on any file to download it to your local system.

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