Learn how to backup web sites and applications that are managed using Plesk to Filebase.

What is Plesk?

Plesk allows you to easily deploy and manage websites and applications on a variety of different servers and platforms. Your websites are important, and as a webmaster, it's critical that you back up your Plesk configuration and associated website data. Fortunately, Plesk has an excellent backup extension that supports S3-compatible endpoints and therefore can be used with Filebase.

Plesk compatibility has been tested and is certified for use with Filebase.


1. Install S3 Backup Extension for Plesk

Visit your Plesk dashboard and navigate to the Extensions menu on the left. Once on the Extensions page, type in S3, and click on the Amazon S3 Backup extension.

Once the extension is installed, navigate to the Tools & Settings page, then click Backup Manager.

Next, click on the Remote Storage Settings tab.

Once on the Remote Storage Settings page, click Amazon S3 Backup.

Under the Service Provider dropdown menu, select Custom.

2. Configure S3 Backup Extension for use with Filebase

After the custom Service Provider has been selected, enter the following credentials:

  • API Endpoint URL:

  • Login: Your Filebase API Access Key

  • Password: Filebase API Secret Key

  • Bucket: The name of the Filebase bucket you'd like to use

  • Path: / (or enter the name of an existing prefix/directory)

Once complete, click OK.

Verify that the Amazon S3 Backup target is now marked as Ready for use.

3. Run Plesk backup

Navigate to the previous Backup Manager menu and select Backup. Plesk allows you to modify settings regarding the backup. Ensure Custom is selected as the Store in target. For extra safety, we suggest selecting Full as the backup type as well.

Click OK and your backup will begin.

During and after the backup process, you can view details such as the status, creation date, and size of each backup entry. Once a green check mark appears, your data has been safely backed up!

We can also view the backup archive files in the Filebase dashboard. For networks that support our Object Map feature, you can even view the location of the file segments as well.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at

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