thirdweb: Release an NFT Drop Using thirdweb and IPFS

Learn how to release an NFT Drop using thirdweb and a Filebase IPFS Bucket.

What is thirdweb?

thirdweb is an easy to use web dashboard for building Web3 applications. thirdweb makes creating and deploying apps such as NFT collection drops easy. Typically, NFT drops require coding of smart contracts and other scripts to mint the NFTs. thirdweb does that process for you, meaning there is no coding involved. thirdweb can be used with objects stored on IPFS, so objects stored in a Filebase IPFS bucket can be seamlessly uploaded for use with a thirdweb app.

Read below to learn how to create your own NFT Drop using thirdweb and Filebase without any coding required.


1. Start by navigating to the thirdweb dashboard and connecting your crypto wallet.

2. Select ‘Deploy New Contract':

Then select 'Deploy Now'.

4. Give your NFT drop a name, icon, and description, then confirm that the recipient address is your crypto wallet address.

For this tutorial, we’ll be using the Mumbai testnet, so we are using a Mumbai wallet.

5. Select ‘Deploy Now’ and confirm the transaction through your crypto wallet.

6. Next, we need to create an IPFS bucket on Filebase.

To do this, navigate to If you don’t have an account already, sign up, then log in.

7. Select ‘Buckets’ from the left sidebar menu, or navigate to

Select ‘Create Bucket’ in the top right corner to create a new bucket for your NFTs.

8. Enter a bucket name and choose the IPFS storage network to create the bucket.

Bucket names must be unique across all Filebase users, be between 3 and 63 characters long, and can contain only lowercase characters, numbers, and dashes.

9. Now, upload your NFTs to Filebase using the web console and selecting ‘Folder’, then select the folder that contains your NFT files.

These files need to be named in sequential order, such as 0.png, 1.png, 2.png, etc.

10. You will see your folder uploaded as a single object:

11. Copy the CID of your folder:

12. Navigate to your IPFS Folder using the Filebase IPFS gateway to see your folder’s files:

Take note of this URL.

13. Head back to your NFT drop on the thirdweb dashboard, then select 'NFTs'.

You'll see an option for 'Batch Upload'. For this, you will need to create a CSV file with each NFT’s metadata, which includes the IPFS CID we just took note of.

Make a CSV with the following format:



Image 1 in the Filebase NFT Drop



Image 2 in the Filebase NFT Drop



Image 3 in the Filebase NFT Drop


Note: Each NFT must be named in sequential order (0,1,2,3,4, etc) followed by the desired file extension (.png, .jpg, etc).

14. Once you have your spreadsheet, select ‘Batch Upload’ from your thirdweb project dashboard.

15. Upload your CSV File.

16. You should see your NFT images populated with their metadata.

Select ‘Next’ to continue.

17. Decide which type of reveal you would like your NFT drop to have, either delayed or reveal upon mint, then upload your NFTs.

You will be asked to authorize the transaction through your crypto wallet.

18. Congrats! You’ve created an NFT collection! Now its time to set a claim condition so that users can own your NFTs.

Select the ‘Set Claim Condition’ tab.

19. For your claim condition, decide what cryptocurrency you want to sell your NFTs for, how much per NFT, and the supply you want to be claimable.

You can also set a wait time between transactions, and a limit on how many NFTs can be claimed per transaction.

20. Save your claim condition, and authorize the transaction through your crypto wallet.

21. You’re ready to release your drop! thirdweb makes it easy to set your NFT drop as an embedded asset on any website.

Simply choose the ‘Embed’ tab from your project dashboard, then configure the IPFS Gateway to your preferred choice, and copy the Embed code to any website configuration.

22. You can also see a preview of your Embedded drop at the bottom of the page.

Once embedded in a website, users can connect their Crypto wallet to the embedded Thirdweb app, and mint one of your NFTs!

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at

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