Service Limits

The Filebase platform currently has the following limits in place:

API Rate Limits

  • S3 API: 100 RPS (requests per second)

  • IPFS Pinning Service API: 100 RPS (requests per second)

  • Platform API: 100 RPS (requests per second)

Bucket Limits

  • Free accounts can create up to 3 buckets

  • Paid accounts can create up to 100 buckets

  • Contact to request an increased bucket limit

Public Gateway Rate Limits

The Filebase public IPFS gateway is intended to be used for testing purposes, and has a rate limit of 100 RPM (requests per minute).

In addition, this gateway will only serve content that is actively being pinned by Filebase.

Dedicated Gateway Rate Limits

Filebase Dedicated Gateways do not have any rate limits.

Maximum File Size Limits

Filebase supports file uploads up to 1 TB in size.

Any file larger than 5GB should be uploaded using the S3-compatible API to benefit from Multipart Upload. For large IPFS folders, we also suggest re-pinning CIDs for a more reliable experience.

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