Bueno: How to Create a Generative NFT Collection with Bueno

Learn how to create a generative NFT collection with Bueno.

What is Bueno?

Bueno is a generative NFT collection service that allows you to upload a variety of assets, control collection rarity, and tags, and create a collection of up to 10,000 NFTs with just a few button clicks, no code required.

Bueno is currently in closed beta. Join the Beuno waitlist here.

Read below to learn how to create a generative NFT collection with Bueno.


1. Once approved to access the Bueno beta, log in to the Bueno dashboard with your crypto wallet address.

Select ‘Create New’ under ‘Collections’:

2. Give your collection a name and enter the amount of NFTs you’d like to include in the collection.

Bueno currently supports up to 10,000 tokens per collection, but for this example, we will use 6.

3. Before we can upload our assets, select ‘Settings’ from the top navigation bar.

4. Scroll down to ‘Custom IPFS Gateway’.

Enter the Filebase IPFS gateway URL:


5. Select ‘Save Settings’.

6. From the top navigation bar menu, select ‘Manage’.

Then select ‘Choose Folder’:

Since Bueno uses components, your assets will need to be stored in the following file structure:

└── Beuno NFT Collection/
├── Bodies/
   ├── Ghost1.png
   ├── Ghost2.png
   └── Ghost3.png
└── Colors/
    ├── Color1.png
    ├── Color2.png
    └── Color3.png

Once your assets are organized in the above format, upload your folder Bueno NFT Collection folder.

A reflection of the components will be displayed as a preview. Select ‘Upload’ to finish the upload process.

7. Now from the ‘Manage’ tab, you will see your components listed.

8. Select the ‘Generate’ tab from the navigation menu bar.

Select ‘Generate Preview Set’:

9. You will be prompted with the price to generate your configured number of tokens.

This will create NFT tokens based on the components you’ve uploaded and any rules or rarity factors you’ve considered.

10. Select ‘Generate X tokens’ to generate your collection.

Your Tokenset will be listed below the Generate Tokens options:

11. Select ‘Preview’ from the navigation menu bar to view your generated tokens:

12. Click on any token to view its properties:

13. If you want to view the metadata for this token, click on the 3 dots to display additional options.

Choose ‘Download Metadata’:

14. The .json file for this token looks like this:

  "image": "https://ipfs.filebase.io/ipfs/<CID>",
  "attributes": [
      "trait_type": "Bodies",
      "value": "ghost 3"
      "trait_type": "Colors",
      "value": "color1"
      "trait_type": "Template",
      "value": "Default"
  "name": "Filebase #1",
  "description": ""

From here, you can create collections of NFTs with as many components and attributes as you’d like!

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at hello@filebase.com

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