Filebase is an S3-compatible object storage platform that allows you to store data in a secure, redundant, and performant manner.

Data Management

When using the Filebase platform, there are two primary methods of managing data:

  • Filebase Browser Interface

  • Filebase S3-Compatible API

Browser Interface

The Filebase browser interface can be used to manage, upload, download, and delete objects. This interface can also be used to manage, create, and delete storage buckets.

The storage backend seen through the browser interface is the same storage backend that is available for your account when using the S3-compatible API. Conversely, if you make changes using the API, the changes will be reflected within the browser interface upon refreshing the page.

S3-Compatible API

The Filebase S3-compatible API can be used by several standardized software clients to manage data within the Filebase platform. There is a wide array of available software and tooling for S3-compatible APIs, and Filebase has certified several of these tools for use with the platform. Filebase certification consists of putting software tools through testing procedures to validate conformity with the Filebase S3-compatible API.

This documentation guide includes several pages covering specific software clients and tools. If you don't see your tool of choice listed - don't worry. That simply means we haven't had an opportunity to test it yet.