Service Endpoints

A brief overview of Filebase's service endpoints.

S3-Compatible API Endpoint

To use Filebase with an S3-compatible API, you will need a Filebase endpoint.

For all endpoints, Filebase maintains a strict HTTPS-only standard. This means objects and API calls are served only via HTTPS. It is not possible to disable this at this time.

Regional Endpoints

Region Name

Location Code






Filebase is also accessible through the browser based graphical user interface instead of through an S3-compatible API. The browser-based graphical user interface for Filebase can be found at

IPFS Pinning Service API Endpoint

For information on the IPFS Pinning Service API, check out this documentation:

pageIPFS Pinning Service API

Filebase Platform API Endpoints

For information regarding the Filebase Platform APIs, check out this documentation:

pageFilebase Platform APIs

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