Learn how to configure oDrive for use with Filebase

What is oDrive?

oDrive is a cloud sync platform that allows you to connect and sync all cloud accounts from a variety of cloud providers such as Google Drive, DropBox, Onedrive, and more. This enables a unified sync between all cloud accounts for seamless, multi cloud utilization.

oDrive is available for use via their web dashboard, or via a sync agent for Windows, macOS X, and Linux operating systems, available for download here.

Read below to learn how to use oDrive with Filebase.


1. Login to the oDrive web dashboard.

3. Configure Filebase with the following information:

Name: Filebase

Host: s3.filebase.com

Bucket Name: Filebase Bucket Name

Access Key ID: Filebase Access Key

Secret Access Key: Filebase Secret Key

Default Storage Class: Standard

Directory Structure: Simple ‘/’ Delimited

4. Click ‘Link’. Filebase should now be listed on the oDrive dashboard.

5. You now can click on Filebase and view the contents of your bucket.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at hello@filebase.com

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