Learn how to backup your data to Filebase using Arq.

What is Arq?

Arq is an easy to use, secure file backup solution for macOS X and Windows. Arq works with any cloud environment, such as Filebase, Dropbox, Google Drive, and others.

Arq protects your data through strong encryption with a key only you know. Arq uses multiple threads and LZ4 compression for very fast throughput. Arq offers sophisticated file-exclusion filters, storage budgeting, extensive logging, email reports, many scheduling options, and full control over which networks and how much bandwidth Arq uses.


1. Select 'Create a Backup Plan'.

2. Select 'Add Storage Location'.

3. Select Filebase, then select 'Continue'.

4. Enter your Filebase access and secret keys.

5. Enter your Filebase bucket name.

6. Then, you will be prompted to finalize your backup plan. This will include determining which files and folders you want to backup to Filebase, and setting an encryption password. Once finished, your configuration will be listed:

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