BackupAssist ER

Learn how to configure BackupAssist ER for use with Filebase.

What is BackupAssist ER?

BackupAssist ER is an automated backup and recovery client that backs up local disks and files to another hard drive disk as well as to a cloud storage location. This disk to disk to cloud backup workflow provides additional redundancy and recovery options in the event of disk failure or compromise.

Read below to learn how to use BackupAssist ER with Filebase.


1. Open BackupAssist ER.

If this is your first time opening BackupAssist ER, select ‘New’ from the prompt to create a new backup job. Otherwise, select ‘Backup’ > ‘Jobs’ > ‘New’.

2. Select ‘Create Backup’ under the ‘Disk to Disk to Cloud’ option.

3. Give your backup job a name and specify an encryption password.

4. Select the ‘Files & applications’ tab and select the desired drives and files to backup.

5. Then select the ‘Storage location’ tab, there are two storage locations.

For Storage location 1, configure your desired local storage location. For Storage location 2, configure the following options to connect to your Filebase bucket:

  • Storage location type: S3 Compatible

  • Bucket: Filebase bucket name

  • Access Key ID: Filebase Access Key

  • Secret Access Key: Filebase Secret Key

Then select ‘Check Account’ to confirm your settings are correct. You should receive the following confirmation message:

6. Select the ‘Schedule’ tab and configure your desired backup schedule:

7. Then select the ‘Scripts’ tab to configure any scripts to be run after the backup job has been completed.

Once finished, select ‘Save and Run’ to run your backup job.

8. Once your job is running, you can monitor the progress from the job’s Run Results screen.

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