Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric

Learn how to configure Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric for use with Filebase.

What is Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric?

Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric is a software storage solution that unites on-premise file storage and cloud object storage infrastructures.

Storage Made Easy is certified for use with Filebase. Read below to learn how to configure Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric to be used with Filebase.


2. Under 'Organization providers currently in use', select ‘Add new provider’.

3. Select ‘Primary’ for the type of provider, then select ‘Open S3 - S3 Compatible Cloud’ from the dropdown menu.

Then select ‘Add provider’.

4. Configure the Open S3 connection with the following settings:

  • Name Your Cloud: Filebase

  • Open S3 Endpoint Host:

  • Open S3 Access Key Id: Filebase Access Key

  • Open S3 Secret Key: Filebase Secret Key

Select ‘Continue’ to save these settings.

5. Next, select which buckets you’d like to use with Storage Made Easy.

6. Select ‘Continue’. You will now see the Filebase connection added to Storage Made Easy.

7. Under ‘Provider Specified Options’, configure any additional settings for your Filebase connection.

Note: API Signature Version MUST stay set to V4. Filebase only supports V4 signatures.

8. You can now see objects stored in your Filebase buckets by going to the File Manager.

9. Once at the File Manager screen, go to My Cloud Files > Filebase, then select the bucket you want to access to view the objects stored inside or upload new objects.

10. Open the Storage Made Easy Cloud Explorer Application you downloaded to your local computer.

11. Login to your Storage Made Easy account.

12. Select the ‘Cloud Files’ icon.

13. Select ‘Filebase’.

14. You should see your Filebase buckets listed.

15. From here, you can drag and drop files to be uploaded to these buckets from your local computer using the panel on the right hand side.

16. You will be prompted to confirm the upload.

17. You will also be asked if you want to encrypt the file being uploaded. Encryption is encouraged for additional file protection.

18. Once uploaded, the file will be reflected in the contents of the bucket.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at

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