Learn how to backup data to Filebase using Veeam.

What is Veeam?

Veeam is a suite of backup and replication software, including software for backup servers and for host clients. Veeam is S3-compatible, allowing Filebase to be configured as a backup repository for objects backed up through Veeam.


1. Launch the Veeam ‘Backup and Replication Console’ and log in using the appropriate credentials.

2. Select ‘Backup Infrastructure’ on the bottom left.

3. Select ‘Backup Repositories’ > ‘Add Repository’

4. Select ‘Object Storage’ for the type of Backup Repository.

5. Select ‘S3 Compatible’.

6. Enter a Name and a Description for the Filebase configuration.

Click ‘Next’.

7. Enter the Service Point and confirm that the region says ‘us-east-1’.

Service Point:

Region: us-east-1

8. For credentials, click ‘Add’.

Enter your Filebase Access Key and Secret Key. Click ‘Ok’.

9. Once you have entered your credentials, the Credentials selection will be populated with your Access Key.

Select ‘Next’.

10. Select the bucket you want to configure VEEAM with by selecting ‘Browse’, then choosing the bucket you want to use.

Select ‘OK’.

11. Select or create a new folder for Veeam.

Then, click ‘Apply’.

12. Confirm that the summary displays the correct settings and click ‘Finish’.

You have successfully added Filebase as an Object Storage repository for use with Veeam.

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