Mountain Duck

Learn how to use Mountain Duck with Filebase.

What is Mountain Duck?

Mountain Duck is a free, file management client that allows you to mount cloud or server storage as a disk on Windows and macOS X.

Read below to learn how to configure Mountain Duck for use with Filebase.


1. Open the Mountain Duck client. At the top drop down menu bar, select ‘Amazon S3’ from the options.

2. Configure Mountain Duck for use with Filebase by using the following settings:

  • Nickname: Filebase

  • Port: 443

  • Access Key ID: Filebase Access Key

  • Secret Access Key: Filebase Secret Key

3. Select ‘Connect’.

A file explorer window will appear showing your Filebase buckets as mounted storage locations.

You can now interact with your Filebase buckets like any other folder on your local computer.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at

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