Learn how to backup your data to Filebase using S3cmd

What is S3cmd?

S3cmd is a command Line S3 Client and Backup for Linux and Mac OSx.
S3cmd has been tested and is certified for use with Filebase.


  • Download and Install S3cmd.
  • Filebase Access and Secret Keys. Learn how to view your access keys here.
  • Create a Filebase Bucket. Learn how to create a bucket here.

1. To configure S3cmd, run the command:

s3cmd --configure

2. You will be prompted to fill out the following information:

  • Access Key: Filebase Access Key
  • Secret Key: Filebase Secret Key
  • Default Region: us-east-1
  • S3 Endpoint:
  • Bucket Name: Filebase Bucket Name
  • Encryption Password: Unique password
  • Path to GPG Program: If stored in default system location, enter to confirm.
  • Use HTTPS Protocol: Yes
  • HTTP Proxy Server Name: Enter to bypass.

3. You will see a summary of these settings. Test access to Filebase with these settings.

4. You will be prompted to save the settings. Once saved, you’re ready to start using S3cmd.

5. You can use S3cmd with commands such as the following:

Make bucket: s3cmd mb s3://BUCKET
Remove bucket: s3cmd rb s3://BUCKET
List objects or buckets: s3cmd ls [s3://BUCKET[/PREFIX]]
List all objects in all buckets: s3cmd la
Put file into bucket: s3cmd put FILE [FILE...] s3://BUCKET[/PREFIX]
Get file from bucket: s3cmd get s3://BUCKET/OBJECT LOCAL_FILE
Delete file from bucket: s3cmd del s3://BUCKET/OBJECT
Synchronize a directory tree to S3: s3cmd sync LOCAL_DIR s3://BUCKET[/PREFIX] or s3://BUCKET[/PREFIX] LOCAL_DIR
Disk usage by buckets: s3cmd du [s3://BUCKET[/PREFIX]]
Get various information about Buckets or Files: s3cmd info s3://BUCKET[/OBJECT]
Copy object: s3cmd cp s3://BUCKET1/OBJECT1 s3://BUCKET2[/OBJECT2]
Move object: s3cmd mv s3://BUCKET1/OBJECT1 s3://BUCKET2[/OBJECT2]
If you have any questions, please email [email protected].
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