IPFS Pinning Service API

Learn how to programmatically use the IPFS Pinning Service API with Filebase.

What is the IPFS Pinning Service API?

The IPFS Pinning Service API is a standardized API for re-pinning existing IPFS CIDs. It is often referred to as "remote" pinning or the IPFS "PSA". The IPFS PSA is used by both the IPFS CLI and IPFS Desktop application.
The IPFS development team tracks the compliance of each provider that supports the IPFS PSA to validate each implementation. Filebase is fully compliant with the IPFS PSA requirements. The official compliance report can be seen here.
Filebase supports the IPFS Pinning Service API through our IPFS Re-Pinning service. This API can be used to view pinned objects, add a new object to be pinned, or remove a pinned object.
The IPFS Pinning Service API has an effective rate limit of 100 RPS per IP address.
To interact with the Filebase IPFS Pinning Service API, use the following information below.

API Endpoint


To authenticate with the IPFS Pinning Service API, a token is required to be sent with each request in the HTTP headers, using the following format:
  • Authorization: Bearer <access-token>
The access-token can be generated by navigating to the Filebase Access Keys page, then viewing the IPFS Pinning Service API Endpoint. Click the drop down menu for 'Choose Bucket to Generate Token', then choose the IPFS Filebase Bucket you want to use.
Then copy the generated Secret Access Token:


Request Body Schema: application/json
To interact with the IPFS Pinning Service API, you need to send a payload in the form of JSON to the API URL. The following is an example of a POST payload:
"cid": "bafybeihbfkn5afsjep2jd65gn5vedh7vpvp6i6avfu5za7fnnhsvfutzjy",
"name": "image3",
"meta": {
"key_name": "value_name"
All parameters listed in the following API methods are JSON fields in the payload.
List pinned objects
Pin an object
Get pinned object
Replace pinned object
Remove pinned object
If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at [email protected]