Pricing Model
Learn more about Filebase's pricing model.


Filebase is a free to use platform for all users. All users can store up to 5GB of data on Filebase with no credit card required. Filebase's base paid subscription fee is $5.99 and includes 1 TB of storage and 1 TB of bandwidth.
All free and paid customers have access to our Filebase Edge Caching Technology, which helps to make uploads and downloads highly-performant when compared to fetching and retrieving data directly from decentralized networks. If data is cached on our edge, you don't pay for the bandwidth.

5GB-Free Tier

Filebase is free to use for all users, who can store up to 5GB of data on Filebase with no credit card required. After 5GB, users will need to upgrade to our subscription model.


Our minimum subscription fee of $5.99 includes up-to your first 1 TB of storage and 1 TB of bandwidth.
Additional storage and outgoing bandwidth transfer is billed at $0.0059 / GB.
This subscription will renew monthly until canceled.

Important Benefits

  • No charge for ingress or for API requests.
  • No minimum file/sector size.
  • No minimum retention issues or retrieval delays.
  • No required use of special software.
  • No special skill set required.

How do I upgrade to a paid subscription?

  1. 1.
    Visit the Billing page of the dashboard.
  2. 2.
    Enter your payment information using the form provided.
3. Click Save.
4. You will see your payment information saved and an option to select between the Free subscription and the Paid subscription. Paid will be selected by default.

How are my usage charges calculated?

Storage Usage Charges: are calculated on the amount of active storage that is stored with Filebase for the billing cycle. A customer invoice will show a unit price of $.00019499 per GB per day, which is based on Filebase's standard price of $5.99 TB per month divided by 30 days per month divided by 1024 GB per TB.
Bandwidth Usage Charges: Amount of data (object data only) that leaves (egresses) the Filebase platform.
Billing Periods: Filebase bills on a 30-day cycle, regardless of the length of the month or when the billing cycle starts.

What is the start date my billing cycle?

Filebase uses a 30 day billing cycle that begins once you become a paid customer. Invoices are generated and delivered every 30 days. This also means that the start date of your billing cycle may not always be the same day every month because not every month has 30 days.

Is pricing always based on USD (U.S. Dollars)?

Yes. We are working on a plan to offer pricing and invoicing in currencies other than USD in the future.
If you have questions about our pricing policies that are not addressed here or have questions about our billing and payment policies, please email [email protected].
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