Learn about how to use Dropshare to drag and drop files to a Filebase bucket.

What is Dropshare?

Dropshare is an application that enables an easy and native way to drag and drop files from Mac and iOS devices to a hosted bucket on the Filebase platform.


  • Download and install Dropshare (Dropshare 5.9 or newer).
  • Have Your Filebase Access and Secret Keys. Learn how to view your access keys here.
  • Create a Filebase Bucket. Learn how to create a bucket here.

Set Up Connection

To set up a connection to a Filebase bucket, you need to create a Filebase Connection. Go to Dropshare preferences, open the Connections tab, and choose to create a new Filebase connection.

Enter Configuration Information

Configuration Information:

  • Bucket Name: Filebase Bucket Name
  • Access Key: Filebase Access Key
  • Secret Key: Filebase Secret Key

Click Test Connection to make sure everything has been set up correctly, and you're done.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]
Last modified 2mo ago