S3 Compatible API

The Filebase S3 Compatible API seamlessly integrates with your existing data management tools and application frameworks. The page below describes different components of our API offering.


The Filebase S3 Compatible API only supports AWS v4 signatures (AWS4-HMAC-SHA256) for authentication and does not support AWS v2 signatures at this time. To learn more about S3 authentication, see this article.

HTTPS Protocol

Filebase maintains a strict HTTPS-only standard. This means objects and API calls are served only via HTTPS. It is not possible to disable this at this time. Requests sent via the HTTP protocol will be redirected to HTTPS.

Supported API Methods

The list below documents the S3 API methods that the Filebase platform currently supports. When a response payload is present, all responses are returned using UTF-8 encoded XML.

  • AbortMultipartUpload

  • CompleteMultipartUpload

  • CopyObject (Beta support)

  • CreateBucket

  • CreateMultipartUpload

  • DeleteBucket

  • DeleteBucketCors

  • DeleteObject

  • GetBucketAcl

  • GetBucketCors

  • GetBucketLifecycle

  • GetBucketLifecycleConfiguration

  • GetBucketLocation

  • GetBucketLogging

  • GetBucketVersioning

  • GetObject

  • GetObjectAcl

  • HeadBucket

  • HeadObject

  • ListBuckets

  • ListObjects

  • ListObjectsV2

  • PutBucketAcl

  • PutBucketCors

  • PutObject

  • PutObjectAcl

  • UploadPart


The Filebase S3 Compatible API features limited support for ACLs (Access Control Lists). Object-level ACLs are currently not supported. The GetObjectAcl and GetBucketAcl methods will work as expected, but the GetObjectAcl response will return the ACL of the bucket that the object is contained in.

This design decision strikes a great balance between security and usability. It also helps to prevent scenarios where a user can accidentally make an object public within a private bucket. If you need a mix of private and public objects, simply create two different buckets.

Presigned URLs

The Filebase S3 Compatible API supports presigned URLs for downloading and uploading objects. Presigned URLs can be generated in a number of ways including the AWS CLI and the AWS SDKs.