Edge Caching Technology

Learn about Filebase edge caching technology


Filebase provides access to decentralized storage through its unique edge platform. These storage networks impose fees upon their users when retrieving data. As a result, Filebase must charge customers for outbound bandwidth when downloads are performed.

However, it is our goal at Filebase to help minimize these charges. As a result, we deploy an aggressive caching layer at our edge nodes. If a recently or frequently accessed object is downloaded from our service, there is a high probability that this object would be cached in our edge layer. This caching layer serves a few benefits. If an object is cached, the following will be true:

  • The Filebase customer is not charged for egress (bandwidth)

  • The download performance is significantly increased

  • If frequently accessed, the object will remain active in the cache for 7 days

  • If an edge node is busy, it is possible for objects that have gone dormant to be evicted