SnapShooter allows you to take up to hourly backups for your DigitalOcean Servers, Files and Databases.

We've partnered directly with SnapShooter to allow our customers to transport hourly snapshots up in a timely manner to Filebase. DigitalOcean Servers, Files, and Databases all within the touch of a button.

Creating a New Bucket

Be sure to remember your bucket name!
  1. Login to your Filebase Account

  2. Top right click the Create Bucket button

  3. Choose a name - (E.g. snapshooter)

  4. Press Create bucket - Bucket should be created instantly

Getting Keys

Step 1 - Navigate to your SnapShooter Account

  1. Top Right press the cogs settings button and select settings

  2. Copy the Key and secret (if you don't you can't view them again and will have to regenerate them)

Attaching S3 to SnapShooter

  1. Choose a Friendly Name

  2. Select Filebase from the Storage Provider dropdown

  3. Select the correct provider region

  4. Paste in your saved access key and secret access key

  5. Enter the correct bucket name (E.g. snapshooter)

  6. Press save

  7. SnapShooter will check that the API key is valid and works before allowing you to save.

Once setup is complete you're ready to backup your data!