MoveBot by Couchdrop, provides the simplest, fastest and most cost effective way to migrate, backup and replicate storage between cloud providers.

We have partnered closely with Couchdrop to offer customers native Filebase integration with MoveBot. This integration allows you to directly transfer files to and from Filebase and your other cloud providers.

Linking Filebase with MoveBot requires an existing Filebase account, security keys and a private bucket in Filebase.

1. Navigate to Movebot's Dashboard and select Create New Migration and select Simple Migration

2. Select your Source provider to be where you are moving your data from:

3. Select your Destination cloud provider from the dropdown provided, in this case, it would be Filebase.

4. Now select Configure and Connect you will need to input the following information:

  • Your Filebase Access Key - found here

  • Your Filebase Secret Key

  • Your Filebase Bucket Name

5. Select the data you wish to migrate across, if nothing is selected it will migrate everything. Select the location you wish to move the folders to, if nothing is selected they will be moved into the top level (root directory).

6. Configure the migration settings

6. You now have a couple of additional options:


A name for the migration

Email Notifications

Get emailed when your migration is completed

Delta Enabled

Only move files that have been modified since the last migration


Select a time to run the migration, or set a daily scheduled migration

Worker Nodes

Improve performance by adding extra compute nodes to process your data

7. Save and Kickoff and Movebot will email you once your migration has completed.

8. Your job is now good to go! Now press the Start button.

Should you have any issues or questions, Please send Filebase & MoveBot an email.