Learn more about Filebase’s integration with the Skynet platform.

What is Skynet?

Skynet is a decentralized storage platform that leverages the Sia network. This technology is built for high availability, scalability, and easy file sharing. All data uploaded to a Skynet bucket is by default publicly accessible.

How do I store data on Skynet through Filebase?

Simply navigate to your Dashboard Console, create a new bucket and choose the Skynet option.
All data uploaded to a Skynet bucket is by default, publicly accessible.
Every file uploaded to Skynet returns what is called a Skylink. A Skylink is a unique content identifier, similar to a hash or UUID.
When you upload an object to a Filebase Skynet bucket, it goes into our backend data pipeline where it gets uploaded directly to Skynet. After a few seconds, a Skylink will appear on the object overview page.
This Skylink can be used to retrieve the file through any Skynet Portal within the Sia ecosystem or be used to view the object via a Filebase object URL.
All data stored in Skynet buckets is currently public by default. This is a native property of Skynet itself. Therefore, all objects uploaded to Skynet buckets are publicly accessible.
Skynet portals serve as decentralized access points into the Sia network. Skylinks can also be shared with others, similar to public URL link-sharing. Users with this Skylink can also access the object’s content through a Skynet Portal. There are also options to create and run your own portal.
If you have any questions, please join our Discord server, or send us an email at [email protected]