Synology Hyper Backup

Learn how to backup your NAS to Filebase using Synology Hyper Backup

Synology Hyper Backup allows you to backup your NAS device files and configuration to different cloud endpoints. This application supports S3-compatible endpoints and therefore can be used with Filebase.

Synology Hyper Backup is certified for use with Filebase

To use Synology Hyper Backup with Filebase, the following steps must be followed:

1) Launch the Hyper Backup application from your Synology admin interface.

2) In the lower left hand corner of the Hyper Backup window, select the + button, and select Data backup task.

3) Once you've entered the Backup Wizard, scroll down and select S3 Storage as your backup destination.

4) On the Backup Destination Settings page, you'll need to select and enter a few options as follows:

  • S3 Server: Custom server URL

  • Server address:

  • Signature version: v4

  • Access Key: Your Filebase access key

  • Secret Key: Your Filebase secret key

  • Bucket name: Select an existing bucket, or create a new one

  • Directory: Define a custom folder path for storing your NAS backup

5) On the Data Backup screen, select the Volumes or Shared Folders that you want to backup.

6) On the Application Backup screen, select any applications that you want to backup.

7) On the Backup Settings page, you can configure various settings for your backup task. You're also given the option to compress your backup if you want to save on storage space and bandwidth. Filebase recommends a Multipart Upload part size of 512 MB, but any size can be used without issue.

For maximum security and privacy, Filebase always recommends enabling transfer encryption and client-side encryption.

8) On the Rotation Settings page, select your desired backup profile. Filebase recommends Smart Recycle for its intelligent rotation capabilities.

9) Select the Apply button and the backup process will begin. The progress of your backup can be monitored from main screen of the Hyper Backup application.

You will see a Success message once a backup is complete.